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Are you in the market to purchase a home and need financing? If the answer to this question is yes, your rate will be dependent on many factors including how much money you have for a down payment, what your loan to value is, your FICO score, what type of purchase it is (Primary residence, investment property, second home), the type of home, single family, condo, townhome etc., the type of loan you get (conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo), your income and current debt situation also comes into play.

I understand all these variables and can search out the best lender to get you the best rate at the lowest cost.

Lenders do change their rates depending on the current situation including what their investors are looking to invest in. Because of this, a loan officer who understands this and knows how to find the best lender at the time needed can obtain the best deal possible. I am that loan officer.

Why use a mortgage broker instead of a major bank?

If you use a banker or online service, you are limited to that company’s rate and product.

If you use me (an independent loan officer), you receive my expertise in searching out the best loan for your individual circumstances AND I can compare the rates and products of numerous lenders.

The lenders I work with offer wholesale rates to people who use independent loan officers thereby getting you a better rate than you can receive from a bank or other online lender. Also, these different lenders have different products which cater to specific scenarios.

The below example illustrates how just a quarter point better rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your loan term.

For a loan amount of $500,000, the .25% difference amounts to $80.84 per month. Over the course of a 30-year mortgage, this would save you $29,102 in payments.

Why choose me as your loan officer?

I am available when normal 9 to 5 loan officers are not. I am used to working with first time homebuyers, so I take the time necessary to ensure that you understand all aspects of your loan before you “sign on the dotted line”. If for some reason I don’t know the answer to your questions, I tell you this and find out the answer to relay to you.

I am always honest and forthright about all my dealings. This enables you to know that there will never be surprises as we move through the loan process.

If problems do arise due to unforeseen circumstances, I do not look to place blame, rather, I figure out a way to resolve the issue.

Lastly, I have great relationships with my lenders, so if items or problems arise, if at all possible, I get the lender to make an exception to make your loan happen.

I have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to assist you through the loan process, making it enjoyable and informative instead of a burden.

When you purchase a home, typically the seller wants to know that you are qualified, and that the loan will close timely. To alleviate their concern, I pre-qualify you so that not only are you looking for homes in the price range you can get, but I also use lenders who can close loans in much less time than necessary to reach the escrow time frames.

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STRONGLY RECOMMENDED David is knowledgeable, responsive and fast. He answered our many questions, stayed in constant contact with us throughout the whole process. We are highly satisfied with our experience and very pleased with the outcome and level of customer service that he provided. We strongly recommend David for any of your loan needs.

Lisa Long Beach, CA

Fantastic, thoughtful and helpful David was a great support through our process, it was always a pleasure to speak to him and he went above and beyond to give us the support and insight we really needed I can say without hesitation that anyone who is looking to finance their home would be lucky to have him in their corner.

Phillip Los Angeles, CA

My experience with working with David was amazing! He took the hardest situation and made it possible. He tells it like it is and breaks everything down for you. Always looking out for our best interest. He goes above and beyond his duties. He genuinely cares about his clients. We will always be grateful to David.

Valerie Altadena, Ca